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Dear Parent or Guardian, We are proud to announce that Kids Klinic joined MD Kids Pediatrics Health Network Family on October 1st, 2022. My staff and I will be honored to continue to serve you at the present location and phone number. On October 27th, 2022 we began the process of updating our Electronic Health Record System and we are building a new patient portal. Our old portal is out of service and will not be answered. Please contact our office by phone if you need assistance. As soon as our new portal is functional we will instruct you how to log in and use it. Thank you for your patience and understanding. New on-demand telemedicine visits are available via KidzDocNow. Your child will be seen by pediatricians who are part of our network. Download the App from Apple or Android device or visit If you have any questions about the transition, please do not hesitate to call us at 972-969-4230. Please note our office hours have changed. We are here to serve you on Monday and Tuesday from 8:00 AM -5 PM; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak continues. Newer strains are detected and the number of cases increasing in the DFW area iso far in January. Our Clinic remains well-prepared. For your safety, Kids Klinic has implemented protocols recommended by the CDC and Texas regulations and we are following all guidelines. However, we cannot do this alone! We need your cooperation! Here is how you can stay safe and help keep the clinic operating safely:

  1. We prefer that you check in online, and fill out all the "paperwork" BEFORE you arrive so you spend less time at the clinic and therefore less chance for exposure.
  2. Have only one adult come with the child inside the building to avoid others being exposed, preferably the parent who is not sick. If possible, leave your other children at home and do not bring your other children who do not have an appointment that day.
  3. If you (parent) are sick or recently traveled (within the past 14 days), or were exposed to someone with the coronavirus, please re-schedule non-urgent visits, like well-child check-ups otherwise call our clinic for safe arrangements.
  4. Do not let grandparents bring your child if possible since they have a higher chance of dying from this disease if exposed.
  5. Our waiting room is now re-opened, but if you feel more comfortable you may call in when you arrive and wait in your car for your appointment. The receptionist will call you on your phone and escort you in when it is your turn.
  6. Do not allow children to roam the building or go to the bathroom alone, the more things they touch the higher chance for exposure.
  7. Ask permission to take them to the bathroom yourself and let the nurse know. Please use wipes and Lysol provided in the bathroom and clean before and after use.
  8. We removed all the toys from the examining rooms. Please keep your children entertained and in your lap, do not let them touch anything in the room. Bring a book, a toy, or coloring they can do, or have them use your phone for entertainment while you wait. Do not let them leave the room or open the door.
  9. We will do everything to keep everyone apart, but keep 6 feet distance from others in case you cross-pass with them.
  10. All patients and parents are required to wear a mask (it may be a homemade one) except for children under 2. Cover your and your child's cough and sneeze with Kleenex, wipe their runny noses and drools and wash hands right away, do not let kids lick or put in their mouth anything at the clinic.
  11. Do not bring any food to eat at the clinic. Formula for babies is allowed.
  12. We are scheduling well-child checks, follow-ups, and immunizations away from sick visits to keep everyone safe. If your child has any runny nose, cough, or stuffy nose, especially if they have a fever please reschedule their well-child checkup or change it to a sick visit.
  13. We are in Protective Equipment and we may look very scary for your child. Please prepare them in advance as best as you can.
  14. You may see installed fans to our windows to limit air re-circulation. Please keep busy fingers away from the fans and the electric cords!

There may be other protocols we will implement as we learn more about what works best for the safety and well-being of everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation!



"I am a pediatrician who treats sick children, but most importantly who coaches parents how to prevent disease, so they can raise their children to become happy and healthy and grow up to live a long and prosperous life." - Ildiko Edenhoffer MD

Our pediatric office is among the safest places you can be right now given the really extensive measures we have taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to continuing operations during the Coronavirus Pandemic and made many changes to ensure your safety. We implemented "at-home-check-in" through "MyCare App" eliminating waiting room time to limit any possibility of exposure. If you complete our "at-home-check-in" you can just call on arrival and you will be directly taken to your own, clean examining room. We continue to take sick appointments and we do have tests for COVID-19.We have set up for Telemedicine calls as well through "" .We continue to provide timely and safe well-child-check-ups since these are essential to screen for any issues and risk factors that may hinder your child's health, which is especially important at this time, as well as immunizations since they prevent the spread of other infectious diseases. Our staff is in full protective gear, we are separating sick from well-child appointments, we are limiting accompanying adults to 1-2 per child, and all visitors required to wear a mask. We are keeping everyone apart. As always, safety, love, and caring come first and you are loved and part of our family!

Looking for a compassionate, family-centered pediatrician in the Dallas area? You've come to the right place!


Dr. Edenhoffer has 29 years of pediatric experience as a Board Certified Pediatrician. At Kid’s Klinic you will always be attended by the same, supportive staff. You will find a medical home for your child and feel like you became part of a family that cares about you and your child.

Dr. Edenhoffer believes in giving high-quality medical care in a family-oriented, child-friendly environment and serving the diverse international community of the area. Her commitment is to help children reach their highest potential by working with parents to promote and maintain their child's physical and emotional well–being from birth up to college years. We believe that accessibility, understanding, and comfort are the cornerstones for an exceptional pediatric practice. To achieve this goal, helpful patient resources, and an outstanding level of support and expertise. Whether you're visiting for the first time or the hundredth time, you'll receive the same quality, educational, and compassionate service with every appointment. Dr. Edenhoffer also understands that many families struggle with the cost of healthcare and buying health insurance. We do support our cash-paying patients by giving a discounted self pay price schedule. 

Please take a few moments to explore our informational website. We hope you will find our site easy to navigate, informative, and helpful in keeping your family healthy. This website gives you easy access to our pediatric practice, including directions, hours of operations, payment policies, information about our physicians and our services, and even a link to request an appointment. It also includes answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

If you have any questions or want to schedule your child's first visit to our office, feel free to contact us today. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff is available to support and assist you with any questions or concerns about the health of your child. Thank you for your interest in Kids Klinic.


Disclamer: Please note, that the information posted on this website is not medical advice, should not be taken as medical advice, should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease and it is in no way meant to be a substitute for professional advice.

Meet the Doctor

  • Ildiko G. Edenhoffer, MD

    Dr. Edenhoffer opened KIDS KLINIC in 2004.  She is serving the community with her 29 years of expertise as a Board Certified Pediatrician. Her mission is to provide a high-quality service in a family-oriented, child-friendly environment and to be available to the diverse international community of this area.


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