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Choosing a pediatrician is an important and personal decision and we want you to feel at ease with the care you and your child will receive.

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Kids Klinic News  Please read this, this is very important! To get up-to-date information about Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), please click on the link above "Center for Disease". It will take you to our page about the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. On that page click the link "" where you can find all you need to know. 

Our Clinic is prepared for the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We will continue to serve you with the highest standards of safety and care. We are in this together.  We are at war with a common, invisible enemy. We, humans, are the vehicle for this virus and to win the battle against it we all need to change our behaviors. For your safety, Kids Klinic has implemented protocols recommended by the CDC and we are following all guidelines. However, we cannot do this alone! We need your cooperation! Here is how you can stay safe and help keep the clinic operating safely: 1. Please check-in online, fill out all the "paperwork" BEFORE you arrive so you spend less time at the clinic and therefore less chance for exposure.  2. Have only one adult come with the child inside the building to avoid others being exposed, preferably the parent who is not sick. Do not bring your other children who do not have an appointment that day.  Why expose them to this germ? Please arrange a baby-sitter and do not bring them.  3. If you (parent) are sick or recently traveled (within the past 14 days), or were exposed to someone with the coronavirus, please re-schedule non-urgent visits, like well-child check-ups. 4. Do not let grandparents bring your child or have them come to the clinic since they have a higher chance of dying from this disease if exposed. 5. Call in when you arrive and stay in your car to wait for your appointment, especially if there are other parents and children in the waiting room. We can call you on your phone when it is your turn. 6. Do not allow children to roam the building or go to the bathroom alone, the more things they touch the higher chance for exposure. 7. Ask permission to take them to the bathroom yourself and let the nurse know, so she can clean after you immediately. This germ stays on surfaces potentially for 9 days. Please use wipes and Lysol provided in the bathroom and clean before and after use. 8. We removed all the toys from the room. Please keep your children entertained and in your lap, do not let them touch anything in the room. Bring a book, a toy or coloring they can do or have them use your phone for entertainment while you wait. Do not let them leave the room or open the door. 9. We will do everything to keep everyone apart, but keep 6 feet distance from others in case you cross-pass with them. 10. Cover your (and your child's) cough and sneeze with Kleenex, wipe their runny noses and drools and wash hands right away, do not let kids lick or put in their mouth anything at the clinic. 11. Do not bring any food to eat at the clinic. Formula for babies is allowed. 12. We are scheduling well-child checks, follow-ups, and immunizations in the mornings and sick visits in the afternoon to keep the sick away from healthy, therefore if you child has any runny nose, cough, stuffy nose, especially if they have a fever please reschedule their well-child checkup or if needed ask for a sick visit appointment for that afternoon. Some kids may have very minimal symptoms with the COVID-19, which can look like a common cold. We do not want to expose well babies, kids and their parents who come to the clinic in the morning. 13. We are in full Protective Equipment and we may look very scary for your child. Please prepare them in advance as best as you can. 14. We have installed fans to our windows to limit air re-circulation. Please keep busy fingers away from the fans and the electric cords! 

There may be other protocols we will implement as we learn more about what works best for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.  

Thank you for your cooperation! 

We are committed to continuing operations during the Coronavirus outbreak and made many changes to ensure your safety.  Please read about these changes on the left-hand side of this message under "Kids Klinic News". We are presently working on setting up for Telemedicine calls through our check-in site "MYCare App" and let you know when it is functional. Until it is up and running you will still have the option to conduct all your visits including your well-child check-ups through Skype from the convenience of your home. (Government regulations temporarily allow the use of this platform.) You can check in as always through our  "MyCareApp", then call the clinic that you are ready for the visit. Give us your Skype name and we will call you back on Skype.  Well-child check-ups are essential visits to screen for any issues and risk factors that may hinder your child's health. These check-ups provide an opportunity to correct these, which is especially important at this time. Immunizations are a top priority since they prevent the spread of other infectious diseases. We continue to give immunizations as a brief nurse visit under the highest standard of safety.  Please note, that while we are trying our best to conduct all visits as Telemedicine Calls, it may be necessary to see your child in person and we may need to advise you to bring your child in for tests, immunizations or an essential exam (like ear check for ear infection). During those visits, we will keep your safety our highest priority. As always, safety, love, and caring come first and you are part of our family! 


Looking for a compassionate, family-centered pediatrician in the Dallas area? You've come to the right place!

                                 FOR APPOINTMENT CALL: 972-969-4230 

Dr. Edenhoffer has 25 years of pediatric experience as a Board Certified Pediatrician. At Kid’s Klinic you will never need to see multiple doctors or nurse practitioners and you will always be attended by the same supportive staff. You find a medical home for your child and feel like you became part of a family that cares about you and your child.

Dr. Edenhoffer believes in giving high-quality medical care in a family-oriented, child-friendly environment and serving the diverse international community of the area.  Her commitment is to help children reach their highest potential by working with parents to promote and maintain their child's physical and emotional well–being from birth up to college years. We believe that accessibility, understanding, and comfort are the cornerstones for an exceptional pediatric practice. To achieve this goal, we offer after work/school office hours, helpful patient resources and an outstanding level of support and expertise. So whether you're visiting for the first time or the hundredth time, you'll receive the same quality, educational and compassionate service with every appointment. Dr. Edenhoffer also understands that many families struggle with the cost of healthcare and buying health insurance. We do support our cash-paying patients by giving a 50% discount off of our charges.  

Please take a few moments to explore our informational website. We hope you will find our site easy to navigate, informative, and helpful in keeping your family healthy. This website gives you easy access to our pediatric practice, including directions, hours of operations, payment policies, information about our physicians and our services, and even a link to request an appointment. It also includes answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

If you have any questions or want to schedule your child's first visit to our office, feel free to contact us today. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff is available to support and assist you with any questions or concerns about the health of your child. Thank you for your interest in Kids Klinic.